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Amendments 10-18

10th Amendment

The tenth amendment states that the states and the people not follow unconstitutional laws but instead follow the Constitution.

11th Amendment

The eleventh amendment prevents a citizen from one state suing a citizen from another state in the federal court.

12th Amendment

The twelth amendment established a procedure for electing a president and a vice president.

13th Amendment

The thirteenth amendment abolished slavery in the U.S.

14th Amendment

The forteenth amendment defined citizenship, said laws applied to everyone equally, and protected those rights.

15th Amendment

The fifteenth amendment ensured the right to vote for everyone, regardless of their race.

16th Amendment

The sixteenth amendment gave Congress the right to lay taxes on the people.

17th Amendment

The seventeenth amendment ensured the right for the people to elect ther senators.

18th Amendment

The eighteenth amendment made it illegal to make, sell, or transport liquor.