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Amendments 19-27

19th Amendment

The nineteenth amendment ensures the right for everyone no matter their sex or race to vote.

20th Amendment

The twentieth amendment determined the terms of a president, vice president, and Congress.

21st Amendment

The twenty first amendment repealed the eighteenth amendment.

22nd Amendment

The twenty-second amendment set term limits for the president. This is confused with the twentieth amendment, but it sets what time the presidency shall be moved on, not when his term shall end.

23rd Amendment

The twenty-third amendment gave the population of D.C. the right to vote in presidential elections.

24th Amendment

The twenty-fourth amendmnet ensured the right to not be taxed while voting.

25th Amendment

The twenty-fifth amendment gave the vice president power to be acting president if the current president is disabled.

26th Amendment

The twenty-sixth amendment set the minimum voting age to 18 years.

27th Amendment

The twenty-seventh amendment states that congressional pay raises can't go into effect until after the next congressional election.